No sex with foreign men, warns Russian

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MOSCOW – A Russian politician who is in charge of family matters has well-intentioned advice for Russian women: do not have sex with foreign men during the world cup. And if it does anyway, with someone of the same race.

Russian football fans should be especially with each other are engaged, says the politician.

Tamara Pletnyova is chairman of the Committee for Family, Women and Children of the Russian house of Commons. She warns Wednesday, opposite radio station Govorit Moskva for a proliferation of single mothers, who have children with a foreign man – who took a French leave, so to draw RadioFreeEurope on.

As women have become pregnant would become, the father of the same race’. “If it’s a different breed, that it will only get worse,” said Pletnyova. “We have to have our own children…. I am not a nationalist, but still. I know that the children suffer, be abandoned, and here the mother left behind.”


Even if the Russinnen eventually marry, they will move abroad to live, with all the problems that entails, suspect Pletnyova. “Then they come to me, crying that the child is removed, the enzo. I want people on the basis of love marriage in our country, regardless of which ethnicity, with a Russian who was a good family wants to establish, in harmony, wants to live and have children.”

Thursday begins the world cup with a match of host country Russia, which is against Saudi-Arabia plays.

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