New York drag Trump for court

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The public prosecutor of the state of New York is suing the Trump Foundation for the persistent and substantial violations of the law’. Also the president himself and his children to be sued.

Barbara Underwood, the public prosecutor of the state of New York, is suing the Trump Foundation. The association of American president Donald Trump has, according to Underwood, the illegal way politics is done and so has the presidential elections of 2016 to influence.

President Trump has his charity, according to the public prosecutor’s office illegal, the command given to him to help his political campaign. In addition, the name and the funds of the Trump Foundation.

So would the organization $ 100,000 was paid to court cases against Mar-A-Lago, the property of Trump. The Trump Foundation would also be $ 10,000 paid for a painting in which Trump was shown, and that in one of his clubs was suspended. According to Underwood, is that last purchase, one of at least five transactions in which Trump tax rules for non-profits violated, by itself money from the organization.

Trump: ‘Filthy democrats!’

The lawsuit wants the public prosecutor, the Trump Foundation let dissolve. Underwood also want to see Trump for ten years not a charity chair in New York. For his children Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr. is a ban of one year is required.

On Twitter responded to Trump all that he isn’t going to be the case with the ‘filthy Democrats from New York ” in the minne. ‘They are doing everything to me to complain about a charity that 18.800.00 dollar binnenhaalde and with 19.200.000 dollar more spent on good causes than there came in.’

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