’New sweetheart Brad Pitt fell for billionaire’

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Although there is all the appearance of had that Brad Pitt after the echtscheidingsoorlog with Angelina Jolie once again luck had found love, would be the one where he has a crush on, Neri Oxman dating with billionaire Bill Ackman.

Despite persistent rumors that Brad together with Neri on European liefdestrip was and the two together would have fallen, she encouraged last weekend her Bill Ackman during a tennis tournament in Paris. Played there Ackman against other big names in the financial world.

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Insiders to Pagesix know that Neri on the stand, her lover to the cheer and the couple look very in love with from saw. A source joked: “Bill won the race and the woman, and Brad need to his tennis game improve – and his education – if he is such a superindrukwekkende and intellectual woman wants to have.”

The Bostonglobe writes that Neri and Bill later that night in Paris together, spotted at a party.

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