Navalny: prisons refurbished because of world cup

034f9472d53be8ac3f1ea0c80e36da76 - Navalny: prisons refurbished because of world cup

MOSCOW – Prisons in the Russian capital Moscow have been renovated thanks to the world cup. According to the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who, according to The Moscow Times just on free feet. He was stuck for the organization of unauthorized protests.

Navalny knew after his release, to report that the gevangeniskeuken now “is better than restaurants.” There would even menus to be served by a kind waiter. Also would the posts are placed on courtyards, so that foreign prisoners a ball that could stairs.

Arrested supporters need according to the leader of the opposition also behind bars is not a race to miss, because LCD screens are hung. Navalny also knew to report that English students are attracted to interpreters. That uniformed vertaalsters would yet walk to get bored, because there is still no foreign hooligans in the cell sit.

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