Moroccan national coach Renard is counting on the talent of Ziyech

a6ae943eb8f8f5b528fc8749b2b93353 - Moroccan national coach Renard is counting on the talent of Ziyech

National coach Hervé Renard of Morocco is counting this WK on the talent Hakim Ziyech. The Frenchman praises the insight of the playmaker from Ajax in the run-up to the first team contest.

Renard and Ziyech layers in the past are at odds with each other. So was the midfield of Ajax outside of the selection held for the Africa Cup of 2017, after which Ziyech even thanked for Morocco.

“But now everything is perfect. We understand each other a lot better now,” said Renard Thursday at the press conference in the run-up to the first groepsduel with Iran, that Friday is on the program.

“Hakim is a very important player for us. He is overflowing with talent. As a coach it is great to have such a player available to you. He sees things on the field a lot faster than other players.”


Renard knows that Morocco is on the tournament in Russia, especially of the team should have, not only the eleven players on the field. “It can happen that someone with only five minutes to play, but that may be the most important five minutes that you once had for your country and your team is playing.”

He will not tolerate if reserves go complaining. “I can imagine that you get frustrated when you are sitting on the bench, but you need to continue to work hard and your chance to continue to wait. So is football in each other. You must be both mentally and physically ready.”

However, it may be difficult for the group to survive, given the opposition of Spain and Portugal. “But we are not come here to take pictures of the monuments in St. Petersburg. We are going to do our best.”


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