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Max Verstappen for the first time completely alone during an F1 race weekend

7d3ecd3392b57979099e4ca14025c38f - Max Verstappen for the first time completely alone during an F1 race weekend

Max Verstappen travelled last week only to Canada, without a manager, family or friends. That decision, he had in consultation with his team taken.

About the succession of incidents where Max Verstappen this year, in the sick of the palsy, there is a lot of ink was shed. Until his crash in Monaco loved Red Bull, the young Dutchman still the hand above the head, but that was the proverbial drop that made the cup did overflow.

From the leadership of the Austrian formation was that it was time that Verstappen lessons began to pull out of all those incidents. The Dutchman bounced the ball back by stating that he is that kind of criticism could miss, he knew himself where the schorde and what needed to be done.

In consultation with Red Bull, it was decided that Verstappen only to Montreal would travel so that he is fully focused on the race weekend, would be able to concentrate. The result of that different approach if there is essentially because the Dutch child prodigy, worked a flawless weekend.

“This was the first race that he alone has finished and that is something completely different,” said Christian Horner. “Or it really has contributed to its good performance, it is impossible to say. He is still continuing to grow as a rider and he is gaining in maturity while he experience wins. It is something we with him have had, it was in consultation with the team.”

Horner has nothing but praise for his driver after his flawless weekend in Canada. He knew his third place on the grid to capitalise and it was not much for the second place.

“He’s really immersed in everything he has done over the past weekend and he did a very good job. He deserves all the praise for his strong race him to within a tenth of a second of Bottas brought.”

“Max is such an exceptional talent and you see in every other sport, people who in a period that is not running. Was with him that very publicly,” concludes Horner.

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