Kinepolis peace cinemas with laserprojectoren

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The Kinepolis Group, which is already a significant part of its cinemas is relying on Barco projectors, has Cinionic, the Barco cinema joint venture, was selected as the exclusive partner for laser projection. In the next three years, Kinepolis will an estimated 300 Barco laser projectors to install in its network of cinemas, including the recently acquired Canadian Landmark Cinemas. The estimated number of projectors, both in terms of installations in new build cinemas as replacements of older models in existing sites. Cinionic will be the perfect projector for each screen, of smaller cinemas to full multiplexes, including ‘Laser ULTRA’ premium large format (PLF) theaters.

“After the great results of our previous Barco laser installations, we are delighted to offer our cooperation with Cinionic to strengthen and laser projection to roll out new cinemas and existing locations,” says Eddy Duquenne, CEO of Kinepolis. “As the pioneering of Barco’s most advanced bioscooptechnologieën we are proud to offer our customers the ultimate movie experience to offer, the experience that they now expect from us. Moreover, Barco’s laserprojectoren in our Green Star policy, since they have a superior image quality to deliver but at the same time save energy compared to Xenon projectors.”

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