Khloé Kardashian shares babykiekje

d5c91812a077b27f21964bd050f21476 - Khloé Kardashian shares babykiekje

Motherhood seems like Khloé Kardashian is more than good to give birth. The realityster shared a cute photo of her two-month-old baby True on Instagram, where they have two hearts placed. The small is completely dressed in pink clothing and wears a pink haarbandje.

The Kardashian-sibling still looks to want to continue living in Cleveland with her boyfriend, and father of her daughter, Tristan Thompson. Just before Khloé had given birth to her daughter, it was announced that Tristan several times would be cheating during her pregnancy. The Kardashians were furious when they heard this and flew directly to Cleveland to Khloé to assist during childbirth. Also pleaded with them to her home in Los Angeles.

Yet it seems that there is not. Earlier this week Khloé and Tristan spotted when they get together to a birthday party of a friend of mine in Cleveland went. According to an insider, they have their quarrels settled, and they want to love a family form’.

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