Juncker: Trump called me a ’killer’

3c4aae4547a15d3b17e14b4562f0c021 - Juncker: Trump called me a ’killer’

MUNICH – European commission President Jean-Claude Juncker reveals striking feedback they had received from the American president. “Trump said last week to me: Jean-Claude, you are a merciless killer”, told the Luxemburger during a visit to the regional parliament in Bavaria.

Giuseppe Conte (Italy) in addition to the Us president, Donald Trump and European commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

Juncker attended last week a meeting of the G7, where Trump was present. The commissiechef suspect that the impugned remark was meant as a compliment, but certainly he knows that not. “It is the first time that Luxembourg is such a threat has become for the United States,” he said, quite coolly.

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