Julie Colpaert back with Telefacts Summer

2cca85f1a369dd6cf71ddc4fcb5a8ba8 - Julie Colpaert back with Telefacts Summer

They are young and belong to the one percent richest people in the world. And these young millionaires do nothing more than showing off with their expensive lifestyle. Because if you don’t show that you have money, then count it. Young millionaires is the first report that Julie Colpaert suggests in Telefacts Summer. Throughout the summer, bring them on Tuesday and Thursday a selection of the best foreign news reports of the past year. The reportagereeks, who last year could count on an average of 344.000 viewers – good for 23,2% of the market share (VVA 18-54, live+delayed) – promises this year again a fascinating mix of intriguing stories, captivating portraits, emotional testimonies, and relaxing stories.

The young millionaires of the first report are already in as some of their peers have recently graduated. And their life looks a little bit different. The 25-year-old Emir bahadır re-established breakfast every morning with caviar, because that is doing everyone? “My breakfast is not to be exaggerated. Some people drink champagne for breakfast. Most people eat caviar for breakfast. They know that it is healthier than the evening to eat or drink,” says the Emir with a pokerface.

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