Jody Bernal: I ended up suddenly in a swingers club

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In a video for Vice tells singer Jody Bernal candid about a wild party weekend full of alcohol and drugs, which he then ended up in a Dutch swingers club.

In a time frame of 60 hours checked he has a number of festivities. About the time that wild weekend festival took place says the Que Si Que No-singer, that it is ’a dark period’ was when he was ” where he’s always on the flights was’. He met during a gig at the party of a wealthy person a woman that he liked.

The same woman asked him to another party where he called ears to had. Once there, he was stopped by a man who wanted him to perform at the birthday party of his daughter, and when she asked how much that would cost. “That chick that I was understood there also can’t. Yes anyway suddenly 5k in your hands,” explains Jody. Below he shared rounds, and met an owner of a club.

After the owner Jody and the woman with whom he was invited to a after party at his club, they came upon arrival found out that a swingers club was. “People were swimming in the bath and sat in a sauna, the lights go on and he threw the music to ‘hey, I’m back home'”, and ” Jody between the nose and lips, and adds: “it was The first time that I was in such a club.”

Then Jody a spicy showdown. “There were also those privékamertjes, that was more my thing with that girl. She was also bi, so that was nice.”

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