Jochem Myjer and Alex Klaasen Revue in race for Poelifinario

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Among others, Jochem Myjer and Alex Klaasen Revue have been nominated for the Poelifinario. That made the VSCD-Cabaretjury Thursday known.

Jochem Myjer

Myjers performance breath in, Breath out, and Showponies of The Alex Klaasen Revue a chance to win the cabaretprijs in the entertainment category. Tim French with The crooked timber of humanity, Richard Groenendijk with everything! and Veldhuis & Kemper with Believe us well, but battle for the title in the category of engagement.

The nominee for the kleinkunstcategorie is equal the winner: Joost Nails with Nails II. The jury found this program so strongly that he is the only nominee in the category is moved forward.

The intent of the Poelifinario, the cabaretprijs for the best theater program of the season, is different than in previous years. Previously, there was the Poelifinario one category, this year there will be prizes awarded in three different categories: art, entertainment, and engagement. The Poelifinario went over the past few years, Theo Maassen, Not Out The Window, and André Manuel.

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