Jens Olde Kalter makes his debut as the securities and exchange commission on SBS6

c32670856e0ed6c5d65e283717938f0c - Jens Olde Kalter makes his debut as the securities and exchange commission on SBS6

In Wrong Quantity put Jens Olde Kalter hunting on bad landlords. The seasoned misdaadjournalist has the necessary experienced in his life. Still, he was surprised by the aggressiveness of the pandjesbazen that he for the SBS6 program with their actions confronted.

Jens Olde Kalter had as a student in touch with a wrong landlord.

Where rooms and houses are rented, his abuses are never far away. Olde Kalter can discuss these things, because as a student he himself also with a bad landlord. “That hoped for us to get out of it by a 100 percent a criminal, on the ground floor.”

The outline failed, because Olde Kalter and another flatmate decided to the brand new fellow tenant in spencer. “We are directly with him, went into town, to a pub with enough for him to ‘like-minded’. Then he found us so relaxed that he did no longer made sense to get us out of the house road to bullying.”


In Wrong quantity sitting tenants with less luck. A Groningen boy had a night not slept at home, and found then his room casco. “When I spoke, he had already had two days with the same underwear on.”

When the boy the landlord, the infamous André Menting from Tolbert, here on appeal, instructing his Polish guild in their native language to the inventory of that attic. Only the crew were outside the guests and the cameras on their smartphones. The Poles were still in front of the door was arrested.

Itself has Olde Kalter, except for one private-collision during his college years, limited experience with bad landlords. That he is for this first solo program on them has paid for partly by a fundamental question.

“People must be everywhere, to feel safe, but certainly behind their own front door,” says Olde Kalter. “In the cases that we in the Wrong Quantity, it is clearly not so. That we want to denounce it.”

But why does he not engage in politics and the police? “That’s what we do, we are not enforcers, but the police often does nothing or has no capacity for. And for the politics, it is difficult that the landlords obviously about to wrote, but in many cases just the law is not violated. ”

“In many cases, it happens that however well”, clarified he. “If the tenants find out that they pay too much, then it is a foregone conclusion. But we have also seen that the neat-looking landlord, Wim de Vries, the laptop of a tenant stole, and him only wanted to return if the complaint to the rent assessment committee was withdrawn.”

Thanks to Olde Kalter and a hidden camera, the man was caught for blackmail. But so clear are the things that are mentioned not always. Olde Kalter: “It is not prohibited to, for example, the other rooms in a house, drunk Poland to rent. And it is also not pleasant when suddenly a complete stranger in the bathroom if you’re just nice to take a shower.”

That the bedonderen of tenants more innocent it seems, for example, outright extortion, does not mean that the landlords in a more fun battle people. Olde Kalter: “Even the hardest criminals have never had a police dog on me sent off. That is me now happened.”

Police dog

That situation occurred in Groningen, where Olde Kalter, and anyway, a lot of the abuses found. “There are many students who need it, and there are only a few large landlords. That pull is nothing.”

So also Han Vos from Havos real Estate. “After five minutes on the phone he hung on and we are but past him and gone. We could within a bouvier sitting, by the window, we had eye contact with mr. Fox. The next moment, the door opens and a storm is a belgian Malinois to the outside.”

Olde Kalter was bitten, but seems to be lucky enough to have had. “It was a former police dog. If that bite, they are in principle not more los. In my case, did the dog do that. Apparently taste I dislike. According to people the police had it all much worse off can deal with it.”

“Oh,” connect Olde Kalter airy, “that can apparently happen with confrontation-tv. I am also against the televisieteam said, I am not afraid, but let’s keep in mind that anything can happen.”

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