Jamie Foxx threatens with complaint after allegation of abuse

b25fc89cfe4317b9f75c02aaaf495a1f - Jamie Foxx threatens with complaint after allegation of abuse

Actor Jamie Foxx denies emphatically the charges of sexual misconduct last week against him is expressed. Foxx threatens even to the police, lodge a complaint against the anonymous woman that the alleged facts are revealed. That he has declared to entertainmentmagazine TMZ.

The allegation against the American actor relates to an incident in 2002 would have taken place. The facts would seem to have played out in the house of Foxx in Las Vegas, according to the complaint, on June 8, anonymously to the police was filed.

According to the account of the woman would Look at her have insisted on oral sex. When she refused, he would present her with his genitals in the face, beaten. After that, a friend of Foxx to have her asked to leave the house. The woman also stated that she the day after the incident in Los Angeles had to go to hospital with a severe panic attack.

In and reaction to TMZ speaks to Allison Hart, the lawyer of Foxx, harsh language to the address of the alleged victim. “Jamie denies strongly that this incident has ever taken place, and he will be with the police Las Vegas lodge a complaint against the woman for making a false statement against him.”

The councillor claims, moreover, that her client in the news is completely out of the sky came falling. “The first time that he has heard about the absurd claims of this woman over an alleged incident of 16 years ago, when TMZ on June 12, his representatives contacted about the story”, says the.

According to the defense of Foxx would be the accusation only have been inspired by the #MeToo movement. “The alleged incident was not on the police reported in 2002, or at any time during the past 16 years until last Friday, because it never happened.”

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