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ICOs planning and international: practice aligning the experience of TV-TWO

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Today, the third edition of the weekly article series with experience reports of the alignment of the ICOs. Every Thursday gives us the Team of TV-TWO insights into your business and your current ICO.

Once a valid prototype is created from the first few months of development and sparring with the own network, so it will be open while the doors of the tinkerer’s garage. The crypto market is international, and who wants to be the next flagship-ICO, which must be present in the world.

Existing contacts

In the organization of the own Roadshow, there are, as for everything in the ICO’s market, countless providers which have the best contacts and the most relevant conferences. The Team of TV-TWO has focused more on the existing Advisory Board.

With the Advisory Board the interests are substantially the same direction as with external agencies and build on existing relationships. Nevertheless, it is true, always ask around and keep your eyes open. The fast pace of the crypto-scene is enormous.

During the beginning of the year conferences and fairs were a Mecca for investors, the acquisition, so these are now almost exclusively for partnerships useful. With the growth of an industry, an increase of new faces and new service providers that position themselves as experts, comes naturally.

Countless crypto-Gurus promise investor networks that invest in the twinkling of an eye, hundreds of Bitcoin and with a small advance payment you already in the business. With a “small” amount of Bitcoin are quick and like to more over-the-top claims to follow. As with everything in life, it applies also and in particular with the ICO: Everyone is the blacksmith of his fortune.

In a month around the world

For this reason, the TV-TWO Team came early to travel, in order to make the concept public. At the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami was able to make first important contacts and participants for the Pre-Sale.

The Advisor, David Ben Kay, known to us from the Board of Directors of the Ethereum Foundation, was invited to the Team in connection in a Blockchain Delegation to the World Economic Forum to Davos. Then, the specially organised a Roadshow started in Asia. In Shanghai and Tokyo, the TV-TWO Event attracted 180 Blockchain enthusiasts.

In Hong Kong, they met with numerous crypto-Funds. In Seoul I met with the producers of Korea’s Got Talent and Korea’s Next top model for partnership talks. More Events in London, Texas, San Francisco and Amsterdam followed. Depending on the market situation, it is important to focus on different markets.

In the bull market of the crypto-search for investors in the far East is a Must. In the bear market of the Western and more conservative ICO participants are meaningful. If you want to build a successful ICO, the need to think globally.

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