Heavy criticism Maradona on assignment WK

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Diego Maradona has Thursday heavy criticism on the allocation of the world cup of 2026 to the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Maradona on the stands at the Russia-Saudi-Arabia.

He accuses the organisers of a lack of voetbalcultuur. “The Canadians undoubtedly good skiers,” was the cynical on the Latin American tv station Telesur.

“The Americans wanted to matches of four times 25 minutes introduce for better publicity. And the Mexicans do not deserve it. That win a world cup two matches, as we saw in Germany and Brazil, and have to go home,” said Maradona. “This pleases me not. There is no passion for football in these countries.”

The trio USA-Canada-Mexico received Wednesday at the expense of rival Morocco is the world cup of 2026 assigned. For Canada being a first world cup for the U.S. second, Mexico third.

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