Grapes are sour for Peter R. de Vries

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For the first time since march 1, will be the Thursday night of SBS 6 are not enriched with The Judiciary, the misdaadprogramma of Peter R. de Vries. This to the chagrin of the presenter, that his disappointment is not under sofas and chairs cross.

“Today once again it is time for the Raadka… O no, probably not”, De Vries sat night out on Twitter. “Unfortunately, there is a lot of misdaadnieuws that actually needs to be discussed with a judge, prosecutor, lawyer and misdaadjournalisten. Pity… a great pity.”

A week ago, the misdaadjournalist known that the program will not be continued. The Chambers, in which Peter his vision on lawsuits, brought not the desired number of viewers. At the launch attracted the talk show still 548.000 viewers but that number dropped quickly. Fourteen days ago, looked only 131.000 people. With his last broadcast knew De Vries last week 214.000 viewers to attract.

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The place of The Chambers will from tonight be occupied by the misdaadprogramma Incorrect quantity, of journalist Jens Olde Kalter.

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