Germany wants political talk shows on islam to halt

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The Deutscher Kulturrat wants, that the German public channels for a year, their political talk shows to stop. They are too one-sided and negative focus on refugees and islam.

‘The islamdebat: where does the tolerance?’, or again: “Young men who have fled from war and archaic societies – such refugees at all to integrate? How unsafe they are …

‘The islamdebat: where does the tolerance?’, or again: “Young men who have fled from war and archaic societies – such refugees at all to integrate? How unsafe they make in Germany?’ These are two examples of how talk show of the public broadcaster ARD recently their subjects to the viewer aanprezen.

But they are Olaf Zimmermann clearly in the wrong throat shot. Zimmermann is director of the Deutscher Kulturrat, the umbrella organization of 250 German culture clubs. That council include assignment of cultural policy discussions going on every political level.

Succeeded Zimmermann in any case, with his proposal, which he recently launched in the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung. Since the 2015 political talk shows from ARD and ZDF, more than one hundred broadcasts devoted to refugees and islam, ” he said there. He believes that they have contributed to the emergence of the radical right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) in the Bundestag, the German parliament. Perhaps they need to once in a year-long stop with the broadcasts, and reflect about a new approach, ” he said. The freed time may be used to work on the integration in Germany, he suggested. Because, according to him, wear the talk shows now, especially on the polarization of the country.

Not the theme, but the framing bothers

Zimmermann made his statements the day after the broadcast of the ‘islamdebat in the programme of Sandra Maischberger. The pitch – ‘The islamdebat: where does the tolerance?’ – was just before the broadcast has already changed after fierce criticism on social media and online. Initially was the question: “Are we too tolerant towards islam?’ But that formulation would be the we-they thinking to encourage. All the alternative question in mind was, of course, the same, was afterwards Der Spiegel. And what about the fact that, for the talk, a film was broadcast of Soumission, the novel by the French author Michel Houellebecq, which in France, a moslimrepubliek is set up?

What Zimmermann is disturbing is not so much that islam and refugees the theme of talk shows shapes, but the framing in which it takes place. Which is always negative, he said: Germany threatens ‘geïslamiseerd’, refugees are half-wished that the country is unsafe. And the guests who are in the programs at a time be fed, are obviously not the ones with the least strong opinions. Quarrels and cry, in short: animo guaranteed.

Choose topics that viewers are concerned

The discussion about Zimmermanns proposal lasts for a week now. The editors-in-chief of the two channels, Rainald Becker of ARD and Peter Frey of ZDF, reject the criticism. Of course these programs often to the islam and the refugees, said they are in the German press: it’s only normal that we topics to choose who the viewers engaged. According to Frey that even a ‘socio-hygienic’ effect. They also deny that the disproportionately often about refugees and islam: it is also about the elections, about the extinction of the bees, about housing, about the problems in the care and so on. And for the claim that the television, the AfD is large, consists, according to them, no evidence.

In a guest contribution in die Zeit defended also Sandra Maischberger – even though she admitted that journalists sometimes make mistakes. But, she wrote, ” televisiemensen tend to overconfidence. But to claim that they are responsible for a phenomenon that is also a big part of our neighbouring countries in the grip, is too much dishonor to prove it.’

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