German makes dollemansrit with trunk

892fc9f4c005780f70599630d1292bc9 - German makes dollemansrit with trunk

STOCKACH – German police Thursday morning a nineteen-year-old man held with a 20-meter-long tree trunk behind his atv through the area of Stockach tore. The dollemansrit ended after many kilometers in the vicinity of Ludwigshafen. The young driver had, according to local media far too much to drink and had his driver’s license immediately to hand.

The alarmed police officers were also in the dark the track of the young driver with his special drag and drop easy to follow. Along the way were enough pieces of wood left on the street, the curb and the crash barriers. Several road signs were killed.

The offender stated that he was after a party, the tree in the forest had found and for the joke to the towbar of his car had pinned. On the way home he was lost.

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