Gad Elmaleh is coming to arenberg theatre

17ec4367d989abeac423dca8eeab2beb - Gad Elmaleh is coming to arenberg theatre

Gad Elmaleh. A standup comedian with fame. Initially, in the francophone area. Now with his English shows a very large rise in the rest of the world. His new show ‘The Dream Tour’ brings him on Thursday 20 september at the arenberg theatre in Antwerp. The ticket sales start on Friday, June 15 at 10am.

Gad Elmaleh nice credentials. The Casablanca-born Frenchman/Canadian/Moroccan has grown of France’s most popular standup comedian to become a global phenomenon. Since 2015 live Gad, also a celebrated actor, known for The Adventures of Tintin and Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, in the United States. With his first English-language program is he for weeks in Joe’s Club in New York. And from there, they go to the USA around. Culminating in a sold-out Carnegie Hall in February 2017.

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