Football world cup in Russia, erupts

d313f804fcf91d74e8d03795f64444e8 - Football world cup in Russia, erupts

The fans have four years to wait, but as of Thursday, they can be more than a month to enjoy the biggest voetbalfestijn in the world: the world cup.

Here is the 32 participants to do: the official FIFA World Cup Trophy.

The wereldtitelstrijd in Russia has 32 participants, without the Netherlands, title holder Germany, quintuple champion Brazil, Spain and Argentina as major candidates for a final. The final battle is on 15 July in Moscow.

The world cup starts Thursday at 17.00 (Dutch time) with the match in group A between host Russia and Saudi Arabia. On the basis of the world threatens this opening match in quality and low-quality. Both countries of all world cup participants the lowest in the world. Russia is down to 70, three places below Saudi Arabia (67).

Pop star Robbie Williams will be at the opening ceremony, which will be around 16.30 hours begins, in the Loezjniki stadium in Moscow with a performance. The Brit will be supported by the Russian opera singer Aida Garifoellina. The Brazilian ex-footballer Ronaldo gets a role in the show, which is likely to be attended by Russian president Vladimir Putin.

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