Fans: ’Beyoncé pregnant with fourth child’

acf6819c039c785c80568c3d7985139b - Fans: ’Beyoncé pregnant with fourth child’

Fans know for certain: the showbizzkoppel Beyoncé and Jay-Z welcome a number of months of their fourth child. During their show in Glasgow is considered a fan in the front of the box was a small babybuikje to spot Queen Bey and placed a photo on Twitter. That photo is now viral gone and so are the babygeruchten not of the air.

“Bey is definitely pregnant!” reported twitterer Chloé Milne in a photo that she has made during the concert. Not long after, she received applause from the other fans, who also felt ’something’ have spotted. So would the choice of Beyoncé are remarkable: she wears a lot of jackets that her belly cover.

An insider said to the magazine Star Magazine said that Beyoncé and Jay-Z were surprised with the pregnancy, but at the same time overjoyed with the expansion of their family.”

The couple has three children: daughter, Blue Ivy (6) and the twins, Sir, and Rumi, who is just 1 year.

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