Ewan McGregor plays in the sequel, The Shining

a424f053735f4816372e3f32ebd90bda - Ewan McGregor plays in the sequel, The Shining

The actor is Danny Torrance playing in the new sequel to the cult classic The Shining.

There are rumors that Ewan McGregor the role of a grown Danny Torrance is going to play in the sequel to the classic Stanley Kybrick movie The Shining.

In the film from 1980 and played Danny Lloyd the tormented boy, and his parents were played by Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall. The new film will a few decades later playback, and will go on the now grown-up Danny who still is haunted by what he has experienced as a child. Also, Danny is now no longer plagued by the visions he had as a child, but by woedeproblemen and alcoholism.

Mike Flanagan the film will go direct. The script is based on Stephen King’s fiftieth book and the sequel to his classic The Shining, Doctor Sleep. In the book Danny is a hospital worker who is dying helps people accept their own death. If a girl is born with the same gift, there is a special connection between the two. A cult that preys on people like Danny, trying the girl to jail, so Danny eventually returns to the hotel where The Shining took place.

McGregor will first role to play in the new Disney movie, Christopher Robin. He also plays in another film, such as The Country or Sometimes, The Cow, and Zoe, in which he is a robotics engineer plays who falls in love with an android, played by Lea Seydoux.

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