Everything about the world cup soccer: match schedule to latest news

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The soccer world cup in the next four weeks place in Russia. The voetbalspektakel, with international stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, is by the editors of Telesport on the foot followed. We love you from both Russia and the Netherlands are fully aware.

Telesport follow the world cup on the foot.

So are all the matches, beginning Thursday at 17.00, with host country Russia vs Saudi Arabia, live to follow. Through our live widgets, you’re immediately aware of who has scored and you get in-depth statistics of the matches. Follow here all the duels live.

The netherlands is not at the world cup, but 32 other countries compete on the world title. For example, our southern and eastern neighbours. Who sit, Belgium and Germany are actually in the group? Click here to view a complete list with all groups and the current standings.

Which players besides Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi all back on the world championship? How to see the complete selection of Belgium look like? In addition, you might of each and every footballer a complete spelerspaspoort understand. Click here to view the selections of all 32 participating countries.

Do you want to in the morning, know which races are on the programme? We offer a useful overview. Check out the program today at the world cup.

Furthermore, we hold you during the tournament at the height of extensive statistics, such as top-scoring and red and yellow cards. Click here to view the additional statistics.

Of course, we all day about the football world cup, is immediately after the match with us the report to read, we come quickly with the reactions of the protagonists and we will take video to the insights of our voetbalexperts, under whom chief football Valentijn Driessen, who is in Russia on the spot. You can follow the world cup with a complete overview on the foot.

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