’Error in judgement Comey not politically tinted’

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WASHINGTON – Former FBI director James Comey has a “serious error in judgement” made in the Clinton affair, but he had no political intentions. That is stated in the report that the internal watchdog of the U.s. department of Justice Thursday published.

Comey announced shortly before the Us presidential election in the study to reopen to the use of a privéserver for e-mail traffic by the Democratic candidate Hillery Clinton. The conclusion is now that he did to the election results to affect.

Solid criticism

Inspector general Michael Horowitz in his report, nevertheless, strong criticism to the address of the former-FBI-chief, inter alia, for breach of the policies on the department. He accuses him also the authority of the then attorney general john Loretta Lynch to have taken over when he came in July 2016 confirmed no prosecution against Clinton because of her e-mailgedrag as minister of Foreign Affairs.

Comey left do not know all the findings agree, but respects the work of Horowitz.

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