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Education Ecosystem for the decentralisation of learning

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Education Ecosystem for the decentralization of learning, by taking advantage of the opportunities of the Blockchain. With their first product, the LiveEdu platform, you will be a project-learning library, which focuses on education in the future, technologies such as Artificial intelligence, IT security, VR and more, and LEDU-Token drives

In order to meet the requirements for the provision of these projects for platform users more efficient, is to be relocated the technical IT-infrastructure for LiveEdu on a decentralized platform. To achieve this, the Education Ecosystem, among other things, the decentralized storage solutions Storj and Genaro.

In the provision of a Video-Streaming service, such as LiveEdu, costs are the most important factors are the memory, the speed of Transmission and whether the content can be directly to the viewer in transmitted or not, in contrast to a third-party Server. Fast load time/ bandwidth to prevent Freezing and waiting times, which could have a negative impact on the viewers experience. Due to the decentralization of the memory, the common data can be mitigated errors and failures. The distributed storage also provides for more security, privacy and data control.

Project developers on the LiveEdu platform are experienced professionals who want to Know about future fields of technology with Interested parts. These project developers are rewarded, if you create high-quality projects with LEDU Token. Project initiators, and learning not to expect is for you to be rewarded for their efforts, but also that the project videos are safe and easily accessible. The decentralization of video memory architecture will not be the last step, because Education Ecosystem continues to work on the LiveEdu platform.

Decentralisation is important for the Ecosystem because it represents the future of the Internet. Therefore, Education Ecosystem for decentralization in all aspects of platform development, insofar as this constitutes an advantage for the platform user, and LEDU-Token-holder.

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You can get LEDU-Tokens with ETH or BTC on Bibox or Read more about LEDU-Token on the project page, and ask all the questions in the Telegram group chat, you may have.

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