Deal between Roda JC and Korotaev

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It’s Wednesday night an agreement was reached between Roda JC and the Russian billionaire Aleksei Korotaev.

Aleksei Korotaev

The two million euro for fifteen months at a notary in Heerlen has to be boarded, this morning transferred to the Limburg club. Formal was that money for Roda JC-investor Frits Schrouff, but who has this money back in Roda JC put that the deficit of the past season to cover. Korotaev now get the previously promised 20% of the shares of Roda JC.

In addition Korotaev, there is a group of six local entrepreneurs (there might be some other entrepreneurs to connect with a Roda JC-heart which is a hefty investment and 31% of the shares. Schrouff reserves 49%.

In this way, can Roda JC tomorrow the budget for the coming season in the KNVB submit, that the club in the top-three of the first division belongs to. But the main thing is that Roda JC with a clean slate and no debts to the new season can begin. The three groups of shareholders have the fullest confidence in the new cooperation. The initiator for this deal is the former commercial director of Roda JC Nick Janssen (founder of temporary employment agency Flexpoint) which always support the direction Korotaev is continue to express.

Korotaev signed yesterday the contract so that the notarial act this morning in Heerlen could pass. The Russian, who over nine months, was stranded in Dubai after he was falsely accused of forging a signature on a cheque, has previously indicated that he has a majority shareholding in Roda JC are pursuing. Tentatively, he waits, even on the court case in Dubai, after which he has his passport back and finally made it to Kerkrade travel. Despite the heavy months in prison, and the relegation of Roda JC is Korotaev the koempelclub always remained faithful.

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