Danny Fabry now enjoy more of life

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Danny Fabry thought in the past, but always to work. Today he has learned that occasionally enjoy important. Together with his wife and daughter to be there on time and was far to travel. After a couple of times to Dubai we visited it was now time to go to Singapore to travel. Danny was there in the first instance not to have to travel as far, but he could daughter, Lauren not refuse. With a layover in Frankfurt included it took the displacement to a whopping 14 hours. Fortunately, it was one of the best trips that the singer ever made, ” he said in the Beginning. Lauren is 18 years old, but still like to be with her parents on a trip. Next academic year she goes to the university. Meanwhile, there are also already plans for Morocco and Mexico to visit.

Shortly after their return from Singapore ever since Danny suddenly with the health. During a performance in Baasrode he started sweating and he didn’t feel well. After five songs have sung Danny is even fainted. They gave him some coke and then it started to get better soon. When the singer came home he got a lot of pain in the heupstreek, around his waist. Also, there was rash to see and it turned out to be the zona. Stress and fatigue could be the culprit. According to Danny, this maybe because he was immediately flown after this long journey. The likeable native of Scherpenheuvel ordered that no action because he does not want that the fans are the dupe of be. His doctor said, however, that he had to rest.

Danny Fabry is already looking forward to his verjaardagshow of 5 August in Torhout. He is 70 and that should be celebrated in style, he thinks. There is a barbecue and a show. Herbert Verhaeghe, Eveline Cannoot and Frans Bauer are his special guests. That day, Danny and also his new single voorstellien and that is to own say, a stunner.

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