Czech president puts enormous underpants on fire

21940da5ff687c3e54daad647fd0a8db - Czech president puts enormous underpants on fire

PRAGUE – Czech president Milos Zeman has friend and enemy Thursday, surprised by the sight of the cameras a big red underpants to burn. He threw the colossal boxers in the garden of the presidential palace, the demonstrative in a campfire.

The 73-year-old head of state reacted on an action of the critical group, Ztohoven almost three years ago. This hees at a red reuzenslip high in a flagpole at the Prague Castle and said that it is a suitable banner was for a man who is truly not ashamed. The perpetrators were given a suspended sentence for destruction.

The late revenge of Zeman was remarkable. The theme of his press conference was not announced. That led to wild speculations. At the bookmakers, it was gambled that Zeman his resignation would disclose, someone with an amnesty would grant or his vacation plans for the summer would reveal. On a broekverbranding no one had used.

“I think the time now has passed to be in politics the dirty laundry out to hang,” said Zeman fighting against his opponents. He got in January as president for a second term for five years.

On YouTube there are sculptures of the remarkable action.

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