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Crypto-jacking: Malware infests Amazon devices

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Since then, the term “crypto-jacking” appeared in the fall of 2017 for the first time in the media, hackers have infiltrated successfully Malware to other devices. There was gemint without the Knowledge of the device owner. Now Amazon seem to be affected-devices such as Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire Sticks from the crypto-jacking.

As in Postings of the forum “XDA-Developers”, noted the Concerned, an App with the meaningful name “Test” on their devices. A developer was able to decipher the Code of this App and a worm by the name of “ADB.Miner“ to find. This uses the infamous Coinhive-Malware used to mine Monero. For this purpose, the system resources of the device are used, which leads to declining performance and problems with video playback.

Ideal for Malware

That television can now be of viruses and worms infested, shows once again that we are already living in the future! In fact, Amazon Fire TV and Fire stick are based on the Android operating system. Since the hackers developed the Malware, originally for Android devices, these devices are so downright to be infested. So the App itself installed as a “Test” App under the package name ““. Then, the performance of the device slows down until the played back Video suddenly stops and a notification with the word “Test” and the green Android robot will appear randomly on the screen. Can this happen but only if the App from an unofficial source could install. This requires the developer options for the Fire TV is activated.

The worm is in the device, the Malware is relatively easy to remove. For this purpose you must reset the device to factory settings. Since, as a result, the personalized settings are lost, and hesitate a lot before taking this step and install additional Apps that promise to remove the Malware. Here, you can’t be 100% sure that the worm is eliminated then entirely. In General, caution is better than indulgence. So you should only download Apps from trusted sources, and the devices are always updating to close security gaps.

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