Comey had no political motives in investigating Clinton

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The former FBI-director James Comey to investigate the e-mailaffaire of state Hillary Clinton, however, clearly beyond his powers came, but was not politically influenced. That is the conclusion reached in the final report of the U.s. department of Justice, that Thursday, the Us president, Donald Trump was handed over and then was released.

The inspector-general of the ministry, a kind of highest supervisor to respect the rules, see the ‘obvious and dramatic’ deviations from Comey on his research. They have the reputation of the FBI and the department as a fair administrator of justice damage, said Michael Horowitz.

Clinton had as minister of Foreign Affairs for e-mails also a privéserver used. That is forbidden and was by the Republicans in the election race to the U.s. presidency in 2016 as a major theme to be addressed.

The affair kept the FBI busy. Comey came to the conclusion no indictment against Clinton recommended; a reason why Trump him in may of 2017 at the door continued. That meant that the special FBI investigator Robert Mueller was deployed. He conducts research in secret verkiezingsafspraken between Trumps campaign team and Russia.

Feeds new detail conspiracy theory Trump?

Trump called that investigation a witch hunt. One hitherto unknown detail in the report of 500 pages would be the president may be a new impetus to his conspiracy theory that the FBI and department of Justice had opposed.

The Washington Post quotes the report of a conversation between FBI-lawyer Lisa Page and FBI agent Peter Strzok, that both had jurisdiction for the case, Russia as the affair with Clinton. Page says, Trump will never be president? Which Strzok replies: ‘No, no, not yet. That we hold against’.

It is expected that Trump, that Thursday is his 72nd birthday, that detail for new attacks and will employ.

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