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Coinbase Index Fund now open for Investments of$ 250,000 to $20 million

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The crypto market is currently in a Downtrend and the expectations of the entry of new institutional investors, the floods, the crypto-market with fresh capital, is large. Coinbase has yesterday opened up its Index Fund for Investments in the order of 250,000 to 20 million dollars, the major investors allows for easy and safety precautions, to invest the capital.

As we already reported, meet many of business arrangements to facilitate the entry of institutional investors in the crypto market and to increase safety. This includes, for example Coinbase, Nasdaq, or a collaboration of Ledger, Nomura and Global Advisors numbers.

As Coinbase launchten the beginning of this year, your Index Fund, the interest on the part of large investors. For this reason, the Coinbase Team has decided to define a new investment limit in the order of 250,000 USD to 20 million USD. Reuben Bramanathan, head of product development at Coinbase, explains that this step was implemented by the great interest of the investors (freely translated):

We have seen an overwhelming interest from investors, since we announced the Fund at the beginning of the year. At this time, we opened the Fund for those who want to invest from 250,000 to 20 million US dollars.

This was launched in March Index Fund is aimed primarily at institutional investors with large capital values by investing access to all of the assets, which are listed on Coinbase. All crypto currencies are weighted according to market capitalization, in order to ensure an effective diversification. Thus, losses will be mitigated, should perform a crypto currency is bad.

The Index Fund will also include Ethereum Classic, after Coinbase has announced a few days ago, ETC of the stock exchange in the next months to add. Previously, only accredited investors resident in the United States are, however, entitled to invest in the Coinbase Index Fund. However, Coinbase is planning an extension for all investors (freely translated):

We are working to bring more funds to the market, which are available to all investors and a wider range of digital assets to cover.

This announcement comes at a time when the nervous investors on the basis of the ongoing trends of the last few weeks, Down from the market dropped out in order to minimize their own losses. The current situation of the market provides optimal conditions for large-scale investors, conveniently located in the crypto market.

Whether this means, however, that new capital flows into the market, and in consequence, prices of all crypto currencies, remains to be seen. Currently, the total market capitalization is just under 280 billion dollars and 60 billion dollars less than the 10.06.2018.

The next few days will show whether the market will recover, and the bull can take over the helm.

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