Check out the first images of Will Tura’s film

ad78cc98e1e2dafd59fd2654b93ad08b - Check out the first images of Will Tura's film

‘Will Tura, Hope makes you live” appears on 12 september in the cinemas. The trailer is already on the large public display.

At the request of Jean Kluger, 50 years of Wills producer and publisher, wrote Dominique Deruddere a scenario for ” Hope makes life.” More than 60 years, Will Tura (77) hard to make it in the music business. It wasn’t always about roses, but tirelessly he went by. As his kernspreuk reads: “hope makes you live”, he grew out to a true muzieklegende. Private collection-and film sketches a picture of the personal side of ‘the Emperor of the Flemish song’. Jean Kluger, Isabelle Baele and Steven Borgerhoff take the production in itself, with Jan Decleir as the narrator. The film begins on 8 september in première during the film Festival of Ostend. Tickets are on sale via ticketmaster. On september 12, you can “Hope does live” in the cinema. Let the trailer is a taste:
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