British post prohibits flag during world cup

b8028a627b8b08e30fd7bc509b7d34f4 - British post prohibits flag during world cup

LONDON – Patriotic postmen are allowed to in the Uk during the football world cup not driving around with flags on their vehicles. Postal company Royal Mail fears, according to British media that such a vlagvertoon may pose a risk to road safety.

The work is already heavy enough, the postal service.

The postal service suspects that flags other road users may deduce, or of company cars can fall. About 125.000 mail deliverers should the prohibition be observed. Colleagues who work at the office must, however, patriotic flags hanging.

Royal Mail gets on the internet, both acclaim as criticism. “Allow people even are proud of their country,” said a twitterer, who finds that the postal service should be ashamed of the policy. Other internet users find the understand inappropriate and distasteful to flags to postvoertuigen to hang.

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