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Bitcoin and crypto-currencies – a breakthrough in the 2018 world Cup in Russia?

abbe3318cb019f5e8f2b91a5842eeaf2 - Bitcoin and crypto-currencies – a breakthrough in the 2018 world Cup in Russia?

Today, Thursday, 14.06., the FIFA football world Cup 2018 in Russia starts. As in previous years, also be moved in this tournament again, billions of Euros and US Dollars. But how it looks with crypto-currencies? How crypto-currencies could be high in Russia:

The football is a billion-dollar business. Whether sponsorship, Merchandise revenue, or – especially in the last few years TV money: every Day, huge sums of money to be moved. A football world Cup, organized by the world Association FIFA, is not only a high strength of football, but also one of capitalism. Therefore, it is natural to consider this major event of the time from the crypto perspective.

The ICO-Hype reached the football

Just in time for the world Cup is also an active soccer player jumps up for the first time, to the crypto-train – or is it the other way around? The Blockchain Startup SelfSell in cooperation with the Colombian national team players James Rodriguez the JR10 tokens on the market. The Coin is about the SelfSell-App purchase, and to give Fans the opportunity to interact with the Star player. With his Token, the Bayern Munich player, who is in Colombia’s world Cup Team is the biggest Star want to strengthen, its own brand more. Crypto-currencies have arrived in the football business.

Russia’s stance on crypto currencies

The Russian attitude towards crypto ambivalent currencies since time immemorial. On one side were blocked, especially in the beginning of Websites with cryptographic content, and open about a Bitcoin ban thinking. Last year, the attitude of the giant loosened Empire. So the Minister of Finance Alexei Moiseev has said that he is for the legalization of crypto-currencies, including the legal framework for the trade.

In April, published in Russia for the first Time the ICO guidelines. Russian President Vladimir Putin toying in addition, for some time publicly with the publication of their own, state-controlled crypto currency, the crypto-rubles. The Russian Sberbank is working after all to ICO which is supported by the Russian government. Since this week, now the whole world looks on Russia – time to go to the next step.

Tickets with crypto numbers

The partially restrictive measures in respect of crypto-currencies on the part of the government of the crypto-Economy in Russia have not harmed. The crypto market was also off the radar. Now many other crypto-enthusiasts, travel probably as a guest to Russia – after all, the crypto-Hot-Spots of Japan and South Korea are represented with their Teams at the world Cup.

To pay as practically, that there are also opportunities, Tickets for games with crypto-currencies. Although the Tickets are not at the official sale with Bitcoin, Ether, and co., but through a third party, such as the platforms, Wirex and Epayments. Wirex is issuing Visa debit cards, which allow in addition to Euro – and U.S. Dollar-Bitcoin – payments. Also Epayments offers cards that you can fill with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Accommodation and meals in Russia –Bitcoin or Ether to be taken

If the game of the own team takes place in the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad on the Baltic sea, can pay the Fans their hotel bill with crypto-currencies. The Malina Apartments co-operates with the Russian crypto Startup Free spot. On the FKWallet a payment in 14 different crypto currencies are possible.

Who wants to meet also the Russian pub culture, to let the rubles roll, also an Option. In Moscow, St. Petersburg and many other major cities in the Killfish Bars where you can pay for his beer in Bitcoin. The chain offers payments in crypto-currencies since 2013 and is one of the pioneers of the crypto-adaptation in Russia.

The world Cup is taking place on the Blockchain

Finally, the world Cup is also on the Blockchain – in the Form of a tip game. CryptoCup is a Prediction Game, based on the Ethereum block Chain. Here, crypto – and football can give enthusiasts forecasts to the Games. To do this, players create their own crypto-Collectables. For this purpose, it uses individual ERC-721-Token – the same Standard, on the crypto kitties. The forecasts in the Token are stored, and the tournament starts, can be traded, the tokens with each other.

Crypto-currencies, therefore, play their own role in the history of this world Cup. Not only crypto-Fans are curious as to whether crypto-currencies as means of payment during the world Cup, more able to enforce.

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