Bill Cosby dismisses his legal team

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Bill Cosby has his legal team, which was led by Tom Meserau, dismissed. The comedian was in april found guilty of abusing and drugging of Andrea Constant. At the end of september to hear Cosby what punishment he receives.

It is not clear whether the two dates are scheduled for the verdict, 24 and 25 september, remain now Cosby with the team of Joseph P. Green Jr. in the sea, writes Deadline Thursday.

It is not the first time that the eighty-Cosby with new lawyers going to work. Meserau and his team names last year, the baton of Brian McMonagle and Angela Agrusa. In 2015 he took after years of collaboration, the farewell of Marty Singer.

After he was guilty were to the abuse of Constant, Cosby released on bail. The comedian would not only be Constant to have been: the past few years, more than sixty women said by Cosby to have been abused or drugged. Many of those cases, however, statute-barred.

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