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Bart Verhaeghe preaches realism: “If we quarter-final win, would that be a surprise”

d88c2803ed0aa22e2b28fb70c9907af3 - Bart Verhaeghe preaches realism: “If we quarter-final win, would that be a surprise”

Also for Bart Verhaeghe, vice-president at the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association), the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia gradually start. Thursday is the opening game kicked off, the Red Devils still have to wait four days before they Panama in the eyes.

“It tickles everyone and especially if you are due here in Moscow, you see that the world cup really lives. I think that the Red Devils may start, everyone is ready for it. At the right time they are ready,” said Verhaeghe Thursday in the Russian capital.

The euphoria of a few years ago, in the meantime, the players and the bond given way to realism. “We, however, have never doubted that we here would do without the belief that a good performance could deliver. Now, what is for us a good performance? That first group stage will be difficult. That will be three teams that are going to fend off, with players who are their country to defend. That will be difficult matches, in which, however, we are a favourite. Then you come in the eighth-finals are very strong opponents against which our worthy of.”

“If you still advance to the quarterfinals, I think we have to get there on our place, knowing that we are there for two very large opponents (Germany and Brazil, red) may encounter. If we win, that would be a surprise. We view our goal of being sober. The preparation went as Roberto Martinez and his staff had planned. With a body which is to ensure that the players after a hard season physically and mentally at the right time, in form and that is the case.”

After however a quarter-final at the world cup of 2014 was the belgian football association with a financial hangover back from Brazil. The expenses were much too high incurred and this had an impact on the budget. That will this time not be the case. The Belgian bond ensures positive figures. “The Belgian football association has recognised that we otherwise have to deal with. We are agreed that we have a budget to worry about the two year balanced, without participation in a world cup or european CHAMPIONSHIP. That means that you have a positive budget, like last season, and also for the next season, she will be positive. There will be more than expected from the world cup, will that money be invested in the Belgian football: a part to the Pro League, a part of the wings and part to the bond itself. There are projects enough for Belgian football to make it stronger, to the benefit of all clubs and players.”

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