’Arrested Tunesiër made biological weapon’

7d97bf7f40e2cf29b5c3e95de807f14d - ’Arrested Tunesiër made biological weapon’

COLOGNE – The German authorities suspect that a Tunisian suspect deliberate biological weapons produced. There are still no indications that the man (29) is already a concrete plan was ready to attack, says the Public Prosecutor.

The authorities did earlier this week raided the apartment of the man in Cologne. There found researchers the highly toxic substance ricin. Experts in protective suits removed the agent from the property.


According to German media, the authorities decided to raid because the Tunesiër on the internet suspicious purchases did. He ordered, among more components of ricin. There is even picked out what the man, who, in 2016 to Germany travelled, exactly the plan was. There would be no evidence that he was a member of a terrorist organisation.

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