Aquarius change route to Spain by bad weather

5537f7405633ead3ef1c1ca91c1e2ea6 - Aquarius change route to Spain by bad weather

The ship Aquarius for the ngo Doctors Without Borders if with more than 600 refugees do not arrive in Italy. They were still welcome in Valencia, but the journey is not without dangers.

The route of the ship is because of the bad weather conditions adjusted, so informed the ngo SOS Méditerranée. The ship will now along the coast of Sardinia to sail around the bad weather to work around, and the crew to save. The Aquarius had up to four metres high waves and fierce winds defy, and many sailors were seasick. “My head spins, I have a lot of vomiting, it is a very difficult situation,” testified a crew of Doctors Without Borders.

Because it is on the upper deck is dangerous become, had all the men in the night between Wednesday and Thursday to the more than fail. The ship is currently located to the east of Sardinia. The intention was to against Saturday night in Valencia.

There are still 106 refugees on board. The other sit on two ships of the Italian navy and coast guard, which the Aquarius guide. Because Italy, the ship will not have access to grant to one of its ports, was the two days blocked. Ultimately, said Spain is prepared the vessel to receive.

The Aquarius sails since 2016 regularly around the Mediterranean Sea and rescues refugees from boats that are not seaworthy.

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