Anyone famous: Guy may 1 year long Homo universalis call

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The past few months followed daily nearly 1 million Flemings suspense-filled adventures out of the ‘Homo universalis’ in Anyone famous. 100 days long looked for Anyone famous to the man or woman who has everything, or in other words: the strongest was in 100 consecutive commands. 100 candidates tried their chance, and were daily a new command. Catch a ball, do a puzzle with Steve Tielens, blindfolded, finding your way out, visit the gym with the Coach, language tests with Kurt Van Eeghem… could do everything. Every day there was someone, until finally only two contestants were left that to the limit, competed.

Wednesday night, June 13, was the final played and could be the 47-year-old Guy from Geluwe are crowns to be the only true homo universalis. In the final he took on against the 30-year-old Ken from Pellenberg (Vlaams-Brabant), who took the previous weeks of hard smashed in the contest, but eventually the worst of it was hollow.

Guy and Ken took it Wednesday night against each other in a summer vacation-relay race. They went to the relay race with a bath towel and had to first to their towel on an empty lounge chair next to the pool. On the way to the reclining chair they had, however, the first espadrille in a rubber boat aim, a couple of exotic meals, appoint, fill a bucket with sand and a bottle flip to do with a bus of sunscreen. When his towel on the deck chair could lay, won a year of free vacation, the loser went empty-handed and has 99 contracts survived for nothing.

Guy won, after a difficult start, with a big lead the race. He may now, after 100 days of work, the homo universalis, and can in addition, enjoy one year free holidays.

What the viewers didn’t know yet, is that the participation of Guy to ‘Homo universalis’ before it happened: his wife had actually registered, but was sick on the first day of admission. Guy took with a lot of enthusiasm in her place and became so in the game get mixed up. What did the winner now the best part of the whole adventure?

“The unpredictability of Homo universalis is for me the most singular of this concept. The diversity of taste, I found myself to be very fine. My favorite assignment was the mechanical bull and the kicker table, that was pure nostalgia. Regular café to sit is worth at such a moment 😉 The most fun of this whole game? That was not only the great atmosphere in our group, but also the support that I of everybody out there. My children got from their friends tips and tricks for me. Their classmates have a Whatsappgroepje for me under the name ‘the Guy Squad”, all super, right?!”

In whom it tickles to also homo universalis to be, there is good news: One now looking for candidates for a second season of ‘Homo universalis’. Interested parties can register on the website of One.

Anyone Famous Wednesday missed? On the TV Replay you watch the program for up to 36 hours later, when you want!

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