After surprising promise: Trump is American troops still do not withdraw from Korea

A withdrawal of American troops from South Korea is not discussed during the summit between the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and U.s. president Donald Trump. That said Trump in an interview Wednesday.

Trump said that there is not only not spoken about a withdrawal, but that the US ” is just completely not withdraw’. He said that he was the American army like wants to leave South Korea because of the high cost, but that currently is not the subject during the interviews. ‘At the appropriate time, will the that are.’

The president explained the statements to Fox News on Air Force One before departing from Singapore.

South Korea and Us military knew nothing about it

The issue of the U.S. presence in South Korea was on the agenda after Trump surprising after the summit had announced that the joint military maneuvers with South Korea would be halted. That major concession to North Korea, he said during the press conference after the meeting. “Stop with that oorlogsspelletjes will us save a lot of money,” he said. He called it also ‘a provocation’.

The promise was clearly not previously discussed with South Korea. The defense minister responded that ” the precise meaning and intent’ of the words of Trump have to find out. Also the American army knew nothing. The American troops in South Korea do not have any new guidelines been given about the exercises, ” says a lieutenant-colonel.

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