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AFM has doubts concerning quality for crypto-companies

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The netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) has serious doubts about whether managers of investment funds in cryptomunten all be able to meet the vergunningeisen.

According to the supervisor there is the last time a lot of interest from companies to do anything with crypto’s as the bitcoin going to do, but know entrepreneurs are often not where they start.

It is a warning towards newcomers and companies that are still not so authorised, for example because they are in regards to activities is still very small or because they for other reasons an exemption and not yet under the supervision.

The AFM fears that the basket may fall if they suddenly to the vergunningeisen must meet.

The requirements are very strict because there are many risks stick to the cryptohandel, explains a spokeswoman. For example, it is important that a cryptobedrijf the value of the equity investments may determine.

That, however, is very complicated, since the price of the coins as the bitcoin, ethereum and ripple very fluctuating.

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