Actors look back at the season finale at Home

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Thursday evening was the long-awaited Home final broadcast. The past few weeks was all press speculation about any cliffhangers this year the viewers would be surprised and the viewers at Home were given a rollercoaster of emotions to process, We convert the six questions that allows the Home viewer is left behind after the season finale in a row.

1. How goes it with Waldek, Mayra and Her in the burning car?
Waldek gets total crazy in the car when he discovers that Zoe in the crèche. He fears that Mayra wants to flee. Along the way he’s frightened when a car him head-on to meet driving and him in the nick of time to avoid and in the canal lands. The upheaval is enormous when it appears that Mayra and Zoë in the crashed car. Waldek rushes to them and tries to save them. A hurt Mayra tells him the full truth about Zoe. Waldek is in shock. And then sums up the car fire. Can Waldek himself, Zoe, and Mayra in time from the burning car free? Will someone accident survive?

2. Survives Leo the confrontation with Stan?
The tension between Stan and Leo reached a tragic climax when Leo, after a push from Stan, drop on the ground and he motionless left behind. Stan sees what he has done and saves panic on the flight. When Marianne and Tom Leo find on the floor, his head in a large puddle of blood. The battle Leo fatal or can he still be saved? And where is Stan going?

3. May Adil and Paulien next season, finally had their first child welcome?
Euphoria widely Adil and Paulien: after all the stress, fatigue and tensions around IVF treatment is the pregnancy test of Paulien is finally positive. The discharge is huge for the happy couple. Also with Bob, Tamara, Olivia, and Lowie, that their friends all the time, have lovingly supported, is the joy. Experience Paulien a beautiful pregnancy, and they may soon finally had their first child in the arms close?

4. Is the atonement of Rosa and Steven for always? Or has the hurt Karin have a plan B in store?
Kobe has showing off as the ultimate Cupid: the secret dinner between his father and Rosa turns out to be a shot in the rose. Steven apologizes to Rosa and they are both ready to once again fully in to fly. Is the relationship of Rosa and Steven now permanently departed? Or will Karin – who disappointed and hurt dripping– still a spanner in the works throw?

5. How goes it with Kobe and Peter? What will Britney do with what she has seen?
Peter and Kobe to experience a fantastic afternoon on the fish pond. The wine flows smoothly, making the rocking chairs for great hilarity ensure. Peter fell backwards on the ground. When Kobe him upright helps, and they’re suddenly eye-to-eye, Kobe Peter a kiss. Britney sees everything happen from the bushes where they are all shooting with her tablet. How will Peter react to the unexpected action of Kobe? There Is more than friendship or the two comrades just too deep into the glass looked? And what about Britney: she will be her sister Femke and mama Nancy tell about what they saw?

6. How should it continue with Jacques now he knows the truth about the death of his son Maarten?
Jacques is in bitter grief now that he knows what happened with Martin. He feels guilty and realizes that he never enough for his son. Can Jacques everything, give it a place now he knows how martin died, or he hits really tilt?

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