A large majority of the General Meeting of UN condemns Israel

0e00056841c5cba84ff3ad7702ddf701 - A large majority of the General Meeting of UN condemns Israel

The General Assembly of the United Nations on Wednesday during a special session by a large majority, the violence has been condemned by the Israeli army against Palestinians on the border with the Gaza strip. The vote came at the urging of the Arab allies of the Palestinians. An American amendment against Hamas was voted down.

The resolution that Israel condemns, received 120 votes from the 193 for, while 8 countries voted against and 45 abstained. She was largely the same as the resolution of Kuwait which the United States two weeks ago and still have their veto had made in the Security council.


The text demands, after the violence in the Gaza strip where Israeli soldiers and dozens of Palestinians shoot, the protection of Palestinians in the enclave and the occupied West Bank. That they’re made by the General Meeting is approved, is rather symbolic. In contrast to moods of the Security council, resolutions of the General Assembly have no legal force.

According to the Us ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, was the design of the ‘very one sided’. The United States had, therefore, an amendment in which Hamas, the islamist movement that the paste is waving in the Gaza strip, is judged. That holds, however, not the necessary number of votes to be approved.

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