20 years in prison for drunken conduct daughter (14)

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Somerset – A 35-year-old woman that her 14-year-old daughter to say in warning of whiskey left to drink, has 20 years of cell.

Mirande Polston got 20 years because she was her daughter forced to drink whisky.

Mirande Gayle Polston from the American Somerset said at the court that she is her daughter a lesson, and wanted to learn. The girl had so much alcohol that they crashed.

The punishment was so heavy, because the mother is still contingent punishment had to be open for the earlier crimes, writes the Lexington Herald Leader

The police was in action came when a tip came in that there is a shocking video circulated. They made Polston and her daughter whiskey drinking.

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The woman explained that her teenage daughter had been caught drinking alcohol and her as a punishment, wanted to feel what happens when you drink too much. She hoped that the girl was so ill would be that alcohol would never touch, according to American news site.

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On the video, heard the judge is a drunk Polston say that the images by MTV would be sent and that they place a lot of money would earn. The loud protesting girl was so drunk that she upright had to be taken. In the end she falls out of the chair with her head on the ground. On picture is clear to hear that the mother laughs.

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Polston is apparently a notorious alcoholiste with a substantial criminal record, because they already had a ban on having alcohol in the house.

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