100% EN by the dust for Gerard Joling

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After Gerard Joling earlier this week in The Telegraph quite a uithaalde to 100% NL – that systematically refuses to accept his new singles to spin – is the radio station now then still tacking gone. Radio-dj Lars Boele treated his listeners Thursday morning on an hour long very hot, the new album by Geer.

Gerard Joling

“Let’s just take a look at the enjoyment of a drink – a beer, a glass of wine – with each other and the finish”, said Boele before the first sounds of Nice, hot out of the speakers schalden. “If Trump and Kim Jong-un can do it, we should also certainly can.”

When Joling then his ’potential zomerhitje’ sixty minutes long gone heard, he was to chicken to order the hatchet to be buried. “Good morning, that’s fun to wake up!”, let the singer know on Instagram. “Lars, you can use the single all good sing along! Still have to practice and then soon to sing together?”

Reason for the unusual playlist was the interview that Joling Monday gave to Private. The Topper made the radio station to the ground, because dj’s for the fifth time in a row refused his singles run. “It is important that you as oranjezender your nose to retrieve a single by Gerard Joling, when you know that you there in his time a lot of people a pleasure. Radio 2 runs, Radio 3 is not, and that drops away completely. But where should you trade to go when a transmitter, that is 100% EN nóemt, it doesn’t want!? But call me not for your videos, your calendar, to somewhere in the orange to show up or I don’t know what all. Turn my number, but then also my phone number is not.”

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Joling, who in the same interview, announced his quarrel with Gordon to have settled, shared in addition, an embarrassing experience that he recently with the transmitter. “Last time they had a some award for best live-act, we the Toppers won. They have such a cheap plastic thing, while your Top in addition, yet really with an ’s’ to write at the end. No, we would still get. You guessed it… never came. They know where they put him.”

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