World cup 2026 to USA, Canada and Mexico

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The United States, Canada, and Mexico to organize the world cup of 2026. The members of the wereldvoetbalbond FIFA have just decided. The combined American ‘bid’ has the preferred over Morocco.

The world cup draws in 2026 to the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The voice of the KNVB went to Morocco, because the bond is feeling of connection with the country and with Africa. The 203 voting unions chose, however, with convincing majority for a mega-world CHAMPIONSHIPS in three countries: 134 voted for ‘United 2026’, 65 for Morocco, one bond be both candidates. Of the three unions was not a voice within.

Where the opening game takes place, is not yet clear. Both the aztec stadium in Mexico City as the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles has a chance. The location of the final, which will take place in the MetLife Stadium near New York.

The largest part of the competitions will anyway take place in the US. Canada and Mexico to organize both the ten duels. From the quarter-finals is only in America played.

For the first time, if the countries that are members of the FIFA votes. Previously, the world cup is always via a secret ballot assigned by the board of the global football federation.

FIFA boss Gianni Infantino

Thursday begins the world cup in Russia. The next global finals in 2022 in Qatar. In 2026, may be fewer than 48 countries participate in the world CHAMPIONSHIPS, sixteen more than now. The FIFA has chosen for a system with 16 pools of 3 teams.

Inspection report

The three American countries scored in the inspection report of the FIFA significantly better than Morocco. The United States, Canada and Mexico have more than enough stadiums to the eighty games of the world cup 2026 in to play. Morocco currently has no stadium that meets the requirements.

The three countries think a turnover of 14.3 billion dollars, converted to 12.3 billion euros. When they got there, the 6.2 billion euro of Morocco stark at. The president of the American football association urged FIFA members a profit of 11 billion dollars, about 9.4 billion euros.

Five times

Mexico is home to the global tournament two times before, in 1970 and 1986. The United States were the world cup in 1994 to organize, to Canada never. Three years ago, it was called the world CHAMPIONSHIPS for women in Canada held. Morocco hit for the fifth time in addition to the organization of WORLDS. The North African country tried earlier in vain to the world cup of 1994, 1998, 2006 and 2010.

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