World champion picks up 32 million euro

ccd05be720822af428870a90c4f2f917 - World champion picks up 32 million euro

The 32 participating countries to the wereldtitelstrijd in Russia can mutually 668 million euros in premiums of the wereldvoetbalbond FIFA divide.

Here is all about.

That is an increase of 40 percent compared to the world cup of 2014 in Brazil. Of the total amount of benefits is 338 million euros prize money.

For the overall winner in Moscow is an amount of 32.1 million euro is ready. The losing finalist goes with 23.6 million euro to house. The number three holds 20.7 million and the team as the fourth ends, at 18.6 million euro charge.

The kwartfinalisten get 13.5 million euro, the teams that are turned off in the eighth-finals deserve to 10.1 million euros. Participation in the group stage is a country good for 6.7 million euro.

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