Wim Kieft back together with ex-girlfriend, Suzanne Martens

Wim Kieft (55) and Suzanne Martens went out together when Kieft himself lost in the midst of a cocaine addiction, but now he is afgekickt, he is again together with the mother of his little daughter Feline (8).

That tells Kieft to Story.

Martens left Kieft, according to the Story on the day of the funeral of her father-in-law. The motivated former professional footballer steps to take to better his life. Immediately after the funeral of his father, he was in a rehab, so he now has his addiction under control.

The former professional soccer player says that Martens and he has now been a while with each other. “That’s very fine. We are split up in the time that I had any problems. Now we have the weather to be very fine together.”

Kieft and Martens were not married.


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