Willeke van Ammelrooy has a leaky heart valve

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Willeke van Ammelrooy must be operated on a leaky heart valve.

Before, it was Van Ammelrooy treated for ovarian cancer. “Before I have that surgery because my cancer was, first, my heart completely checked. That is the standard procedure for such a major surgery,” she explains to the Story Wednesday.

“When I was a leaky valve was detected. My mother had that too, so totally unexpected was it not. The heart surgeon said, There will be a time to surgery should be.”

The actress was expecting that they would soon have to be operated on, but that seems to have to take. “I was at the doctor at the AMC and said suddenly: ‘I think I still have five years to go to wait, it goes far too well with you.” I saw that you do not arrive, but he will know it, it seems to me. We have to wait a while, but eventually it’s going to happen. And that also has a positive side. My mother has the same surgery twenty years, since I draw for.”

No work

However, there are many Of Ammelrooy hard that they go through the surgery a while can not work. “I can’t live without to work. I have no landscape to apply and Marco (Baker, her husband, red.) also not. Occasionally it is best just as exciting, but we can now also with less. That is all the years.”


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